Hotel Pucic Palace, Old Town Dubrovnik

The Pucić Palace Hotel

Coat of Arms of the Pucić noble family, variation.

The Pucić Palace is a noble house dated from 17ct. The House of Pucić (Italian: Pozza) was an old Croatian noble family from the Republic of Ragusa, with origins in Dalmatia. During the Croatian national revival of the 19th century, most members of the family officially denounced the name "Pozza", preferring to use Pucić in recognition of their Slavic culture and ethnicity. They are considered to have been one of the most prestigious families of the Republic of Ragusa.

This Palace has been opened as a hotel in 1895. for the first time under the name Hotel De la Ville. The second function of the palace as a hotel under the name of Hotel Dubravka was lasted until the war in Croatia 1991. when the hotel was closed and damaged from its outside contour as well as not to much from its interior. Hotel Dubravka was, let say 3*** hotel in that time, if we are looking terms of categorizations from today.

During that time of the war in Croatia,Dubrovnik, this old palace was a shelter for the Croatian refugees.

In 2001. Turkish company Uzel Turizam d.o.o. with their main business in producing tractors bought this old palace and renovated it keeping its authenticity with the spirit and origins of The Old Town of Dubrovnik as well as giving back its original name with a Croatian influence-The Pucić Palace. The hotel under the name of The Pucić Palace opened its door in 2002. as a 5***** boutique hotel and it is in successful working function as a one of the best boutique hotels from than till now.

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